Renting Photography Gear

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Why You Should Always Rent Photography Gear

Renting photography gear is the logical choice for most people. Renting allows you to make the most of the latest technology without the need for massive expenditure. After all, if you’re serious about taking photos, you want gear that helps you snap the best photos possible — and that’s not cheap. With so many choices in the photography industry, you can’t know if something is right for you without trying it first. The best way of doing that? Renting it, of course. Sure, you can read reviews or even watch videos of the kit in action, but until you’ve tried it for yourself, you don’t truly know.

When you rent gear, rather than purchasing the first thing that appeals to you, you avoid investing in something that isn’t right for you and potentially wasting a lot of your hard-earned cash. You also get the chance to explore a range of options before committing to one brand or one piece of equipment. Finally, renting photography gear gives you the chance to save up for the piece that you really want. You can be absolutely certain that what you’re getting is perfect for you and your needs.

Why spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a new piece of equipment before you’ve had a prolonged period of use to get to grips with it? Not many people can throw money around on new pieces of kit every time something new catches their eye. Getting used to new tech takes time, and it’s no different with photography gear. You should never make a big purchase without comparing different options from different manufacturers first. If you don’t take this step, chances are you’ll end up with something that’s not exactly right for what you want to use it for.

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Why is Renting Photography Gear So Popular?

Renting photography gear is extremely popular for a lot of reasons. Few industries make it possible for professionals and beginners to rent the best tech so quickly and simply. Access to lens and camera rental means you can work out if photography is the right hobby for you without investing a huge amount of money upfront. Whether you’re planning on taking a few photos of your family or capturing the most beautiful pictures possible on a camping trip, renting photography equipment lets you do this without a massive investment. People who do rent gear often tend to continue to prefer renting to buying for two reasons: it’s simple and it’s inexpensive.

Improve Your Skills and Creativity

Photography rental helps you improve your skills. Even the most skilled photographers pick up new things by renting equipment they’ve never used before. Renting unfamiliar gear can also provide you with a boost in creativity. New equipment is always fun to play with, and it’s a guaranteed way of getting yourself to spend more time taking photographs.

Lens rentals in particular are a great way to customize your camera to suit your desired photography niche. For example, if your area of interest is architecture, you may find that renting a tilt-shift lens enables you to take photographs to a standard that is expected in the industry. This type of lens is a must for people looking to get into the industry and can be great fun for people who just want to take photographs of things taller than them.

You can explore countless niches through lens rentals. Whatever your area of interest, lenses exist to dramatically expand your work. Seeing the impact lens rental can have on the quality of photos you take can drag you out of a creative rut and inspire you in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Lens rentals can also help you increase the range of photography styles in your portfolio. Being known as a one-trick pony may harm your reputation. Camera and lens rentals help you diversify your portfolio in the least expensive manner possible. Showing that you have the basics mastered and the willingness to learn is a massive plus point for employers and also provides your self-confidence with a huge boost.

Improve Your Familiarity with a Wide Range of Gear

Renting photography gear lets you get familiar with a wider range of gear than you’re used to. This comes in handy whether photography is a hobby or a career path. If you’re ever in a situation where you need to use a piece of gear for an assignment, having experience with it will serve you well. Trying out gear that you’re not familiar with can also help you see the strengths and weaknesses of the equipment you already own so you can use it to its fullest capacities.

Gain Real-World Experience

Lenses and cameras are major investments. Trying out equipment in a store doesn’t compare to using gear out in the field. A real photo shoot on location is the only best to you become familiar with the real positives and negatives of a piece of equipment. Looking at subjects in real world light also gives you a true idea of the technical qualities of the images you can capture.

The Advantages of Renting Photography Gear

Camera rentals aren’t just for people looking into photography as something to do on the weekend. Even seasoned professionals rent some of the equipment they use. Take a look at some of the benefits to renting your photography gear.

It's a Lot Less Expensive

If you’re heading on vacation for a week or two, buying a new lens or camera might cost as much as the entire trip. Why spend thousands of dollars on something that you could rent for a tiny fraction of the price? After all, if you’re vacationing with other people, you’re likely to have other things taking up your time and won’t be able to dedicate your whole trip to photography.

You Can Test Out New Gear Without Obligation

New cameras and lenses are released all the time. Unless you’re seriously wealthy you’re unlikely to be able to buy every single thing that piques your interest. If you rent, you can try out the latest tech without burning through your bank balance. If you’re a professional and need to familiarize yourself with the latest gear as soon as its released, renting is the most cost-effective way to do this.

You Always Get the Right Kit for the Job

Whether it’s nature photography, weddings, sports, macrophotography, or anything in between, renting allows you to have the best possible combination of gear for the job. By renting your gear, you can more easily diversify your portfolio and expand your presence throughout the world of photography.

You Don't Have to Travel with Your Own Gear

If you fly on a regular basis, you’ll know how difficult it can be to bring a bag full of your own equipment along. Camera bodies and lenses aren’t lightweight, so you may get stung with fees for overweight baggage. Trusting your expensive gear to baggage handlers also adds a level of tension to your travel. A better solution? Rent the gear that you need in advance. By renting gear online, you can have the equipment you need delivered to your hotel. Reserve the equipment in advance to guarantee the rental company has it available for when you arrive.

You Only Need the Gear Temporarily

If your upcoming project requires specialty equipment, it makes sense to rent the gear rather than buying it. Maybe you’re a nature photographer who suddenly needs studio lights to take some family portraits. Why spend a fortune on equipment that you’ll only need to use once? Renting gear once or twice a year saves you money and guarantees that you’ll always be able to work with the newest and best equipment.

You Can Compare Products Without Making a Big Investment

If you’re thinking of buying new gear, but can’t make up your mind between competing products, renting lets you test them out on your own time. Buying new gear is a big step, and it’s hard to make a true comparison without hands-on time in the field. Renting photography gear lets you determine which piece is right for your needs without breaking the bank on unwanted gear and expensive shipping fees.

Rentals Come With All the Accessories You Need

When you buy a camera, all you get is the camera. You still have to stock up on all the accessories you need (and that can be expensive). When you rent, however, the gear you need is typically included in your rental package, all delivered to you ready to go.

The Downsides of Photography Equipment Rental

While the downsides of photography equipment rental are minimal, it’s important to consider them so you can avoid them where possible.

It Can be a Challenge to Master New Gear

It can take a little time to understand new equipment. For example, if you’re a frequent user of Canon cameras and then you switch to a Sony rental, you may need time to get used to the more complex menu system. Rent a day or two in advance to become familiar with the new gear. Ensure the settings are what you want before you head out into the field or to your location.

You May Get Poor-Quality Gear

Renting from a reputable equipment dealer is vital to avoid ending up with equipment that’s been poorly maintained, damaged and badly repaired, or just slightly faulty. Test out the equipment before you plan to use it, as waiting until the big day of your photo shoot could result in disaster. Also, only rent from reputable companies to ensure a positive experience. If the prices at a photography dealer seem low compared to other stores, there’s probably a reason for that.

Rent or Buy - Which is Best?

Unless you have the disposable income to spend tens of thousands of dollars on new cameras and lenses throughout the year, renting is definitely the most sensible option. It allows you access to the newest tech at a fraction of the price, without any long-term commitments or the possibility of buyer’s remorse.

Whether you’re a first-time photographer or a fully fledged professional, renting allows you to learn a lot about the products you’re considering and see how they function in a real-world scenario. Reading reviews and seeing other people’s work is one thing, but having the chance to try equipment out for yourself is invaluable.

Any downsides can be overcome with due diligence and a bit of patience. Always rent from retailers you can trust, and allow yourself a bit of time to get used to the equipment, and you can expect to expand your repertoire as a photographer without hurting your personal bottom line.

Online Rentals or Store - Which is Best?

When you’ve made the decision to rent your photography gear instead of purchasing it, you’re left with two choices: either rent from online or find a local store that supplies what you need. Both options seemingly come with their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we’ve put together this short guide to help you decide which is right for you.

Everything You Need to Know About Renting from Stores

Renting photography equipment from a local store may seem like a great idea. You get to browse the stock, maybe even test it out before you decide what to rent. The truth is this can be rather inconvenient for people with busy schedules. First of all, you have to find a store that stocks what you need. If you’re not in a major city with a lot of photography resources available, it’s likely that you’ll struggle to find the right choices.

Once you’ve reserved equipment and picked it up, you’ve got to haul it around everywhere with you. If you’re shooting locally, that’s fine. If you’re catching a plane somewhere, though, it can be a challenge to accommodate weighty camera equipment in your limited luggage space.

Say you’ve rented your gear at a local store, traveled to your destination, and managed to get all the shots you wanted. After the long journey home, you don’t get to relax and unwind. Instead, you have to rush across town to the rental store to return everything you borrowed or be stung with massive late fees. Renting from a store is not as convenient as it first seems.

Choosing Online Rentals

Renting from online stores is often a much better choice for virtually everybody. With online rentals, you can easily access the newest and best photography gear wherever you live in the United States. As online rental stores often don’t have a brick-and-mortar store to support, your rentals are likely to be much less expensive.

Then there’s the convenience. With the entire online store’s stock at your fingertips, you simply make your selections and then have them shipped to your home. Or even better, you can have your gear shipped to your destination. For example, when you ship your gear to a hotel instead of hauling it there yourself, there’s one less thing for you to worry about packing.

Renting from an online store is the often best bet in terms of convenience and price. So, how do you choose the best store for your needs? For us, there’s only one real candidate for the title of best photography gear rentals and that is

Why Choose

You want to rent lenses and cameras from a company that you can completely trust. Using shady companies online could spell disaster, as you may end up with gear that doesn’t work as well as it should. is the largest online resource for people who are looking to rent photography equipment. has regular customers all over the United States. It offers prompt shipping to customers in all 50 states and is the most competitively priced of all online rental stores. The intuitive website makes finding exactly what you need a breeze, saving you time. has carved out a niche at the top of the photography gear rental market, with customers flocking to it due to the wide range of gear it stocks and its prompt service.

What Equipment does Have in Stock? offers everything you could think of — and more — in stock, with gear from all major manufacturers. You’ll find not just cameras and lenses but a whole range of other photography gear as well, including a wide range of lighting gear and accessories — basically everything you need to get your shoot underway. guarantees all of its products to be in great condition. It inspects and cleans each and every piece of equipment it owns before and after renting, so there’s absolutely no risk that you’ll end up with a dud. Also, only keeps equipment in stock for two years, so you’re always renting the latest version of what you need. This unique process ensures that the gear from don’t suffer from defects such as reduced battery life.

Even better: once products are two years old, sells them on its sister site, If you end up falling in love with a product, you should be able to grab it for a fraction of its recommended price.

The Number One Choice for all Your Rental Needs

Whether you’re a professional looking to rent a piece of kit for an upcoming job or you’re simply interested in picking up a new hobby, is undoubtedly the best choice. When you’re in the market for a new lens or camera but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, check out and rent it for a fraction of the price instead.

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