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Photography is a versatile form of art that serves as a creative outlet for many people. Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or looking to build a solid career in the field, studying photography can be very beneficial for your skills.

At one point, studying photography meant that you’d join a photography institution and attend classes. But with the growing momentum of online learning, online photography courses are becoming more and more popular – and for all the right reasons.

If you’re thinking about studying photography online, then you’ve probably noticed by now that there are a lot of online platforms offering their services to teach you, so how do you decide?

Well, you want to look for a place with established instructors, inspiring methods, and a ton of courses in every field of photography. KelbyOne can give all of this and so much more, which brings us to our main topic.

In this article, we’re going to dive deep into the world of KelbyOne and what makes it the best place to sign up for online photography courses. 

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Why Should You Consider Taking Online Photography Courses at KelbyOne? 

Before signing up for any online learning course, it’s pretty normal to find yourself having some doubts. Online photography courses are no exception, so I decided to kick off this article with a list of reasons why taking courses at KelbyOne is a good choice.

1. You'll be free from time constraint

Even though there are lots of people who would love an opportunity to study and obtain more knowledge, sharpen their skills, or further their careers, time limitations remain one of the major reasons that force many people to give up on pursuing studies.

This is actually understandable. I mean, it’s extremely difficult to keep up conventional studying with everyday family obligations and work responsibilities demanding all your attention. 

Sure, a few people have succeeded, but for the vast majority, squeezing studies into a hectic schedule is just borderline impossible. It’s not only about the act of studying itself, don’t forget to factor in the time that you’d have to spend on the road and at the school as well.

You’ll have to deal with these time issues if you study photography the traditional way, but if you choose to do it online at KelbyOne, time constraints will no longer exist!

When you take an online photography course, you can come up with your own schedule. You don’t have to be there at certain times on certain days.

At KelbyOne, you’ll be able to study at your pace according to your schedule. You can slow down when things get busy or accelerate the process if you think it’s suitable.

2. You'll save on costs

The money you spend on online photography courses varies according to the field you want to study and the kind of qualification you want to achieve. For example, a degree or diploma will cost way more than a short course.

When you subscribe to a plan at KelbyOne, you’ll have access to all types of courses without paying any extra than the initial price of the plan. This way, you won’t have to deal with the changing rates of online courses or worry about whether or not you can afford to pay for the next-level course.

Another cost-related benefit that you may be forgetting about is that you’ll be saving a significant amount of money on travel because you don’t need to go anywhere special.

Even if you have to move to a new town, the cost of the online courses won’t change so your ability to continue studying won’t be affected.

3. You'll have accessible materials at all times

If you take the conventional root to study photography at a standard facility, chances are you’re going to need to buy textbooks and other learning materials. Not only can this take up a lot of room and be a hassle to carry, but it’ll also cost you additional money – these things are not cheap.

If you sign up for online photography courses at KelbyOne, they’ll provide you with the work materials online as well. You’ll just need to download the required resources (this may be study guides, samples, or even parts of a textbook).

This offers you two huge benefits. First, you’ll be saving quite a lot of money as there’ll be no extra or hidden costs. And second, you’ll have access to these materials any time you need them since they’ll be forever downloaded on your devices.

4. You'll have access to world-class instructors

One common misconception regarding online learning is that the student will be isolated from assistance and interaction with the instructors or other students.

Granted, this may have been the case a few years back when online learning was just emerging, but nowadays it’s a whole different story.

Online photography courses have come a long way, and you can evidently see this if you study at KelbyOne. In addition to the fun and engaging lessons, they hold live events where you can have plenty of face-to-face with instructors and other attendees if that’s something you’d want.

These events include workshops, seminars, conferences, webcasts, and more. You can also join their interactive community to discuss classes or ask questions. It’s also an opportunity for you to share your work with other Kelby1 students and receive feedback.

5. You'll stay up to date

Information online gets updated a whole lot faster than a textbook ever would. So if you had the chance to download the updated material as soon as it comes out instead of waiting for a book to be published, wouldn’t you jump at it?

With KelbyOne, you won’t just have access to exclusive information, but you’ll get fresh new content every month to keep you in line with the latest techniques.

Now that you’re familiar with all the reasons why you should consider taking online photography courses at Kelby1, it’s time we take a closer look at this establishment and all of its elements. This way you’ll know exactly what you can expect, what you’re paying for, and what makes it a trustworthy platform.

6. You can Study from Anywhere in the World

You may have had the impression that KelbyOne is exclusive to people living inside the United States, but this isn’t true.

You can join Kelby1 even if you live outside the U.S., and frankly, it doesn’t matter where. They have members from just about every country in the world!

Keep in mind, however, that their prices are listed in USD (US dollars), so be sure to check the conversion rate of your country before purchasing or renewing a subscription.

7. You can Change or Cancel Your Membership Anytime

Signing up for online photography courses at KelbyOne is a commitment-free process, meaning you can change or cancel your membership whenever you want.

For example, if you decide to upgrade your KelbyOne Plus to a KelbyOne Pro plan, you’ll just pay a certain amount on the day of the change and get immediate access to all the new features. 

If you choose to make any other changes to your current membership, your current subscription will continue until the following payment date on which the new plan can start.

Similarly, you cancel your membership anytime from the My Account page. You’ll continue to have access to plan features until your subscription expires.

8. You Can Get All Your Money Back

At KelbyOne, they’re so confident about the provided service that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason you’re not happy with your membership, simply contact the company within the first 7 days of your monthly subscription or the first 30 days of your annual subscription. They’ll gladly cancel the membership and issue a full refund.

KelbyOne – History and Values

Let’s start at the very beginning of this company. The KelbyOne organization wasn’t created recently or overnight, in fact, it didn’t even start as a photography-related establishment.
In early 1993, Scott Kelby, Kalebra Kelby, Jim Workman, and Jean A. Kendra founded KW Computer Training. In October of that year, KW Computer Training produced the first-ever large scale one-day photoshop training seminar. Later on, KW created a membership community called the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) in 1998, which hosted the first-ever Photoshop World in Orlando, Florida in that same year. In 2007, they launched Kelby Training with several online courses, and in 2008, Kelby Training hosted the first Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk. Then in 2013, NAPP hosted the 25th Photoshop World and merged with Kelby Training to form KelbyOne in 2014. Now, let’s meet the owners of KelbyOne as we know it today:
  • Scott Kelby – the CEO and face of KelbyOne, Scott Kelby is also the original “Photoshop Guy”. He’s the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, Conference Technical Chair for the Photoshop World Conference, Training Director and instructor for KelbyOne Live Seminars, and author of numerous bestselling books in technology and photography.
  • Kalebra Kelby – co-founder and an Executive VP at KelbyOne, Kalebra Kelby is the mind behind the ShotWithMyTrustyiPhone blog where you see photos and ask yourself repeatedly “you shot that with your iPhone?”. Kalebra has been using the iPhone as her main camera for over 10 years, and she’s also an artist, pilot, and singer.
  • Jean Kendra – the Business Manager and resident numbers guru at KelbyOne.
KelbyOne stands behind 3 core values: education, quality, and community. This online learning platform strives to teach you how to bring the images stuck inside your head to life with courses directed at the photographer, designer, photoshop, and lightroom user inside you. Their methods are built around the idea that learning should be simple, concise, clear, and to the point. They deliver fun content that’s cinematic and inspiring. One of the things I like most about KelbyOne is the super helpful community you can be a part of. You can share and pass on experience, help other students or ask for their help, and engage directly with teachers.

KelbyOne - Instructors

Subscribing to online photography courses at KelbyOne directly enables you to learn photography, photoshop, and lightroom with the best names in the industry. 

For a better insight on the people who’ll be teaching you, I decided to briefly introduce you to some of the brilliant folks you might work with:

KelbyOne - Courses and Live Events

We’re finally at the real juicy part – the online courses and live events that you can access on KelbyOne. Let’s jump right in!

Aviation Photography Courses

If you’re interested in photographing aircraft whether in flight or on the ground, these courses can be of tremendous help.

Photograph an Airshow Like a Pro with Moose Peterson

This course takes on a two-day shooting trip during Aviation Nation at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Moose shares his preparation process, the gear he uses, how to choose shooting locations, what camera setting he uses, and how you can make the most of your time.

After the 2 days of shooting, Moose offers you a look at how he reviews photos, screens them, and post-processes the ones he keeps.

Pilot Portraits with Moose Peterson

This time, you’ll travel with Moose to the Minot Aero Center in North Dakota to make pilot portraits. He’ll walk you through all the used gear and the situations that each kit is built to handle.

Moose also gives tips on how to approach pilots at air shows to introduce yourself, ask for permission to shoot their portraits, and possibly develop networks for future opportunities.

You’ll even get to see Moose utilizing the sun and strobes in various ways to make portraits on the tarmac, in the hangar, and on the field.

Aviation Photography: Post-Processing with Moose Peterson

If you’re curious about the post-processing aspect of aviation photography, this is the course in which Moose Peterson takes you through his workflow of post-processing a number of his favorite historical aircraft photos.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of how he uses Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop to complete his aviation photographs. Each subsequent lesson builds on these basics as you take on increasingly complicated situations.

For every photo, Moose starts with his vision when he snapped the image and teaches you how to use the software to bring this story to life.

Landscape Photography Courses

If landscape photography is where your passion lies, then take a look at the following courses:

Creating Landscape Composites with Bret Malley

In this course, you’re in for a magical journey of creativity with Bret Malley as he teaches you the concepts and techniques you need to use to make show-stopping composites of outdoor scenes. 

You’ll learn how to replace skies, blend graphic elements into a scene, how to use masks and selections, the significance of key blending modes, how to add atmosphere, as well as tips for fine-tuning and final touches.

This is an excellent course to learn how to harness the incredible powers of Photoshop in transforming your landscape photos.

Night-Time Photography Techniques with Gabriel Biderman

If you want to improve your image output when it comes to shooting landscapes after the sun goes down, this course is definitely for you.

Here, Gabriel Biderman will thoroughly discuss all the tools you’ll need, how to scout locations, how to make use of time and movement, and how you can shoot everything from cityscapes to fireworks. 

Once you’re done with this class, you’ll be ready to venture into the night.

Landscape Photography: Mountains, Lakes, and Waterfalls with Matt Kloskowski

Join Matt Kloskowski on a landscape photography journey in Mount Rainier National Park to dabble into a little bit of everything. From glassy lakes to waterfalls and from macros of dew-soaked wildflowers to mountain vistas, Matt provides awesome tips and techniques for taking great shots.

Not only does he share all the settings and considerations for shooting any landscape, but he also walks you through the very beginning of the trip starting from location research and gearing up.

Commercial Photography Courses

Leaning towards commercial photography? Be sure to check out the courses below.

Black & White Fine Art Architectural Photography with Scott Kelby

In this course, Scott Kelby teaches you a fun technique for creating black & white fine art architectural photos. He’ll explain all the necessary gear and the shooting setup to snap the starting image.

Then he’ll discuss the key to this technique, which is post-processing in Photoshop. Scott will tell you everything you need to know to try it yourself right away, breaking down the 4 basic steps of this technique.

To wrap it up, he presents a project from start to finish so you can tie all the information together. Scott also provides downloadable practice files so you can progress along.

Commercial Product Photography and Post-Processing Techniques with Alex Koloskov

This course was designed to help you create gorgeous product photographs using special skills in the studio and in post-production. 

Different products were chosen to expose you to a variety of situations that require certain techniques. This way, you’ll be able to work with a range of commercial products.

This course will also teach you different ways of using lighting modifiers to enhance shapes, as well as paying attention to detail during studio time to save yourself hours later on in post-production.

Fashion Photography Courses

If you’re into the fashion aspect of the industry, here are a couple of courses that’ll surely help you out.

Fashion Flair Photography with Lindsay Alder

The acclaimed fashion photographer Lindsay Alder is here to help you step up your game when it comes to your wedding and portrait photos. You’ll be joining her on locations as she shows you how to tell a story using flair drama.

Lindsay walks you through all the required elements from locations and props to makeup and posing. You’ll learn how to challenge the normal and let your creativity shine through your work.

5 Fashion Lighting Looks Anyone Can Do with Frank Doorhof

If you’re struggling with finding the right lighting, then join Frank Doorhof as he shares his tips, tricks, and techniques on being creative and resourceful with studio lighting.

You’ll watch him work with a range of studio light setups to teach you how to utilize different light modifiers, single and multiple lights, as well as how to avoid glare in glasses. 

Frank brings everything together with a series of post-processing sessions to get you familiar with his retouching sequence.

Automotive Photography Courses

Interested in automotive photography? Here a few courses that you’ll definitely find helpful:

How to Photograph Car Interiors with Tim Wallace

If you’ve ever wondered how to light a car’s interior while there’s so little room to move, this course will answer your question. Tim Wallace and Scott Kelby will teach you step-by-step how to light and shoot the inside of a car, Porsche Panamera to be exact.

You’ll have a front-row seat to witness the entire process through Tim’s eyes as he shares his secrets of setting up the lights, finding the right camera angle, and highlighting the crucial details to create the best look for any automobile.

Speed of Light Motorcycle Photography with Tim Wallace

Tim has worked with all modes of transport from superyachts to motorbikes and trucks. In this course, he’ll walk you through a detailed studio shoot with a 100% custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod.

You’ll watch each step from building the set to placing the light, and from making his selects to piecing together the final composite.

Photographing Vintage Auto Americana with Bill Fortney

Buckle up for an immersive ride with Bill Fortney through vintage auto Americana as he explores more than 6 miles of trails featuring old cars, trucks, and all sorts of vehicles you can find at Old Car City outside Atlanta, GA.

Bill will share with you his philosophy, techniques, and gear for shooting such an assignment. By the end of this course, you’ll be inspired to raid the nearest junkyard and hold your own session.

Wildlife Photography Courses

Got a knack for photographing wildlife? Have a look at the following courses to enrich your knowledge and improve your techniques.

The Art of Zootography with Steven Gotz

This course proves just how wonderful a zoo can be as a place to fuel your love for photography. Here, you’ll accompany Steven Gotz as he opens up your eyes to all the photographic opportunities that you can find at your local zoo.

You’ll learn how to shoot through glass and fencing, what equipment and camera settings to use, as well as the importance of research before you go visit.

A Beginner's Guide to Wildlife Photography with Moose Peterson 

As you can tell by its name, this is a beginner’s course in which wildlife photography guru, Moose Peterson, will explain the gear you’ll need as well as share exclusive tips and techniques to capture killer shots.

KelbyOne Live

Besides online photography courses, you can access live events via KelbyOne Live where you get to spend the day with the one and only Scott Kelby. These events include workshops, seminars, and conferences where you don’t just learn, but also make connections.

Two Day Hands-On Workshops

Nourish your photography expertise with Scott Kelby by attending one of KelbyOne Live two day workshops. These workshops allow a maximum of 15 attendees at a time so you’re guaranteed plenty of face-to-face time with Scott as well as other participants.

You’ll have all the individual help you need as you learn post-processing on location, in the studio, and behind the computer.

One-Day Seminars

If you’re a fan of concentrated pills of knowledge, then you’ll probably love to attend these full-day seminars with Scott Kelby. This ultimate photography crash course can help you create stunning photos as you skip ahead years of struggling with processing and post-processing all within 24 hours.

Multiple Day Conferences

Attending KelbyOne’s multiple-day conferences is a fantastic way to meet with people who share your passion for photography. You can learn from several instructors specializing in various photographic topics such as lightning, Lightroom, retouching, and so much more.

Worldwide Photo Walk

I had to mention this particular event because it’s simply amazing. Scott Kelby launched the Worldwide Photo Walk event over 12 years ago, and every year is better than the previous one.

On the day of the Worldwide Photo Walk, you get out, explore your city, and take photos. You virtually connect and share your work with other participants from around the globe, and you can even win some hefty prizes if you submit your photos.

Anyone can participate – it doesn’t matter what continent you’re on, where you stand in your photography journey, or what type of camera/phone you use.

KelbyOne - Plans

If you’re interested in signing up for online photography courses at KelbyOne, you can choose the plan that suits you the most from 2 membership options: the Plus plan and the Pro plan.

KelbyOne Plus Plan

Costing you only $9.99 every month or $96 per year (saves $24), the Plus plan offers a number of great features that include:
$ 9
  • Access to more than 300 courses - you'll be able to look up the newest courses, continue where you left off, or mark your favorites. Then, you can simply choose the course you want, click play, and start learning.
  • Fresh content added monthly - they add one brand new course to the monthly plan each month so you always have something to watch.
  • Introduction to Guided Learning Tracks - knowing that it can be confusing at first to figure out where to begin, they included a few guided learning tracks for some of their popular categories. These will tell you which class to start with and create a list of classes to watch after, saving you from wasting time trying to decide which class should be next.
  • Photoshop User & Lightroom Magazine (digital) - you'll gain access to more comprehensive training with tutorials, in-depth walkthroughs, reviews, and tips whenever they release a new digital magazine.

KelbyOne Pro Plan

For a monthly payment of $19.99 or $199 every year (saves $40), the KelbyOne Pro plan has plenty of amazing features to serve photography students. These include:
$ 19
  • Unlimited access to more than 800 courses - you'll be able to view 800+ courses in the Pro plan library, which is over 500 classes more than the Plus plan to start with. These courses cover the most popular photography genres as well as dive deep into editing, printing, compositing, social media marketing, business tactics, and more.
  • A new course each week - you'll get 4 new courses each month instead of just 1. That's 3 more classes than the Plus plan.
  • Expanded training tools - in addition to getting extra classes, you'll also gain access to all of KelbyOne's private webcasts, exclusive tutorials, and more training tools.
  • Over 20 guided learning tracks - if you're worried about what class you should watch first, the Pro plan has 20+ guided learning tracks to show you where to start and where to go next so you can take the right next step in your journey.
  • An interactive community - you'll be part of a safe, friendly, and very helpful community of photographers from around the world. You can participate in themed competitions, connect with professional creatives, ask questions, and share your work to receive feedback.
  • Exclusive member discounts - you'll find a Perks section in your dashboard once you subscribe to the Pro plan. When you open it, you'll see a list of exclusive discounts for some of the best brands in the industry that you're welcome to enjoy. This will help you save money on purchasing new gear and software.
  • Photoshop User & Lightroom Magazine - on top of getting more training with tutorials, reviews, tips, and in-depth walkthroughs whenever a new digital magazine is released, you'll also gain access to the full archive of KelbyOne's digital magazines as a Pro subscriber. That's more than 140 fully downloadable magazines!
  • Brushes, presets, eBooks, and more - you'll receive downloadable goodies such as brushes, presets, eBooks, backgrounds, actions, and more to sharpen your creative side and make editing extra fun when you open your Creative Toolkit.

Wrap Up

When you sign up for online photography courses at KelbyOne, you’re not just joining a learning platform and a dynamic educational environment. You’re also becoming part of an awesome community with creative individuals sharing the same passion for photography as yourself!